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Visa Card Solutions

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With Visa credential, your cards can be used anywhere Visa card is accepted. What’s more? Many powerful payment solutions from Visa will be available to you when you needed.And, we are here to help you immediately tap into those powerful offerings to stay ahead of your competitors.


Reward / Cash back cards: Making your rewards more attractive by letting users spend anywhere with 46+ million locations worldwide on the things they like without the hassle and costs of reward sourcing.

  • Virtual or physical visa cards.

SME Payment Management: Let’s make your small business big. Our solutions can help you efficiently and cost effectively perform financial tasks that even large organizations can’t.

  • Payout: Efficient payout of incentives, benefits, salary to your team anywhere in the world.
  • One time use virtual cards for peace of mind business payment controls: Securely issue unlimited one time use Visa cards to your team or pay to your suppliers without worries.
  • Transaction controls: Our control panels make your petty cash and purchasing management efficient and powerful. You can manage your employee’s allowance, monthly budget, or limit purchasing to specific categories and more. You can also easily review transactions through our dashboard & export reports when needed.