Spend management has never been easier

Easy registration, instant access upon approval​
Control spending efficiently
Effortlessly manage, no more petty cash hassles​
Security ensured by Visa standards
Defined spending with full transparency​

Your preferred choice of expenses management


Anytime, anywhere payments

Convenient to use the VISA prepaid card paying for goods and services at stores and online shops that accept VISA both domestic and abroad

Control team spend with smart rules

Flexible in managing each employee's card by setting spend limits, spend categories and card status independently


Effortless monitoring

Our system eases you to view and check transactions of each employee real-time

Simplify document workflows

Upload and submit spending slips and receipts for swift accounting integration


Seamlessly integrate with account software

When spending via the card, the information will be connected to the accounting system and automatically post an account


Spend management unlocks the power of smart spending

Registered legal entities or SMEs
Corporates with many petty cash transactions
Corporates that always make the advanced payments through the Executive Management's personal credit cards

Fast sign up,

just a few steps!

1Fill in the required information
2Choose the package and make payment
3Upload documents as specified
4Request new card and activate to start using it


  • Visa Prepaid Card that is suitable for company expenses, used instead of cash, covering all expenses. All areas both domestic and international. Physical Card is in the form of a prepaid card, a hard card, which can be used to purchase products online. That accepts credit or debit cards, giving you peace of mind for all your expenses. By setting spending limits on each card and limiting the type of card usage. But unlike credit cards that have a reserve credit line, Visa Prepaid Cards must be topped up with company funds in order to spend.

  • Spending each card Can set maximum spending per item / per day / per month.
  • You can set up the card to be used online or only at the store.
  • Spending can be set to be used only by certain types of stores, such as only gas stations or hotels.

  • Company that is legally registered legal entities can apply.